Joanne De Graaf

Artist & Visual Arts Educator

Artist & Visual Arts Educator

Artist & Visual Arts EducatorArtist & Visual Arts Educator

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About Me

My Medium


I am trained in and instruct students in a variety of two and three dimensional media.   Most of my own artwork in recent years has focused upon acrylics, ink and digital imaging. I am very aware of layers and creating the illusion of  shallow depth in my artwork, so my media choices are dictated by the perceptual effects I wish to achieve. 

My Inspiration


Nature offers an abundance of inspiration for me.   I enjoy exploring the delicate beauty that I see in up-close examinations of flora and fauna.  Whether  I am studying the tender petals of a cherry blossom, or the wings of a dragonfly I want to show it's exquisite beauty and delicate frailty.  The ephemeral quality of nature inspires me to give it permanence in my art. 



I have been fortunate to have my efforts recognized by my peers and various institutions.   This has resulted in me begin the recipient of various awards.   Some of these include The Award of Excellence (2014) and Distinction (2012 , 2016, 2019) from Peel District School Board and Jack Bush Scholarship York University.